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Jitensha, synonymous with culture, minimalism and authenticity.

The birth of Jitensha

Jitensha means "bicycles" in Japanese, and it's not a randomly chosen name. There is a story behind it. In 2016, Nicolas, a Frenchman based in Tokyo decided to translate his two passions: classic bicycles and Japanese culture into a unique product.

A classic bicycle with oriental touches and, also, French reminiscences; its name: Jitensha. Soon Nicolas needed to expand the business operation and, with the help of François, a designer, and Cédric, a film producer, they created what is today a unique and minimalist bicycle brand.

Japan, Paris and Geneva

Once the project was consolidated, Jitensha moved its operations halfway between Paris and Geneva. "Our idea is to take inspiration from the minimalist, ultra-modern and traditional Japanese style and combine it with the French spirit and our own cycling culture" comment from the brand. "Simple and reduced" is the leitmotiv.

In Paris, while Nicolas is in charge of steering Jitensha's direction, François is the creative mind. His travels around the world serve as inspiration for new designs and ideas, which are then translated into Jitensha bicycles. Finally Cédric, from his residence in Geneva, controls the supply of frames and components, as well as the logistical management of the brand.

Design, quality and comfort

The minimalist design of the frame, the quality of the components and the comfort when pedaling a Jitensha bike are the master lines from which it is not possible to leave. Nicolas, François and Cédric create a minimalist, pure, safe product with a little French touch that gives Jitensha its own personality and distinguishes it from other brands on the market.

Jitensha bikes are customizable in detail. In addition to the frame model and frame color, it is possible to select the type of handlebars and the finish of components such as handlebars, saddle or tires. The hand-assembled frames are made of double-edged 4130 Cr-Mo 4130 (chromoly) steel and have a natural flex to absorb road vibrations.

They are available in single-speed, with internal two-speed hub or with an innovative electric system that does not require an external load. With the Zeus system, the rear hub recovers the energy generated by braking and transforms it into electrical energy that provides up to three levels of pedaling assistance. Since the entire system is integrated into the hub, the aesthetics of the bicycle are not altered by batteries or cables.

Assembled and checked by hand

Jitensha's mechanics assemble the bikes from scratch in their Geneva workshop with the care and affection that each one deserves, which is why the delivery time is substantially longer than that of other urban bike brands.

Each thread is greased with the exact amount of lubricant, each bolt is checked and tightened to the corresponding torque. Once the bike is 100% assembled, it is tried and tested by Jitensha staff before being shipped to its new lucky owner.

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