Discover a wide range of products from the prestigious ABUS brand. You will find an array of ABUS accessories and fixtures for you and your bicycle that will make journeys easier make while providing maximum protection.

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ABUS, offering maximum security since 1924

A great brand launches with the manufacture of padlocks

In 1924, August Mimicker and his sons started producing the first shackle padlocks in Hammerstein an der Ruhr, a small town in Germany. The entire manufacturing process was carried out in the basement of the former family home, and it was from here that the now global conglomerate emerged.

In 1949, ABUS introduced the first disc padlock, which is still in production today. It has maintained the same shape, but features much more modern and state-of-the-art technology.

Two years later, in 1947, the German company opened the Rehe factory in Westerwald (Germany), where all its high-quality products are now developed, tested and manufactured. A year later, in 1948, ABUS was the first company to launch the brass padlock on the market and this was when they started to manufacture the first bicycle locks.

Later, in 1971, ABUS manufactured the first U-shaped lock, a very functional lock, with excellent anti-theft protection, designed for increased security. They used the creation of this lock to secure bicycles and this idea made the U-shaped lock famous all over the world.

For all these years, ABUS has been innovating and manufacturing products to increase security in all areas. The company, which manufactures cycling helmets for all disciplines and ages, is renowned for its quality materials, designs and manufacturing process.

One of the brand's main objectives is to protect and ensure the safety of all cyclists, thereby reducing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Continuous innovation for security

ABUS has been manufacturing products for increased protection and security since 1924. The company makes a wide range of security devices for homes, motorbikes, cars and bicycles. A manufacturer that keeps quality at the heart of all its product designs and developments.

Key elements of its success were and continue to be based on hard work, constantly evolving ideas and manufacturing perfectly designed products with an excellent finish.

ABUS continues to provide security solutions after 85 years in the business. They remain very faithful to the motto "Security built on quality" in the manufacture of all their products and in their factories, which are located in Germany. The security and reliability of their products can be corroborated by the millions of euros they earn from the sale of their products around the world.

ABUS is a brand that has been able to grow steadily in popularity, and to this day, it is the clear number one  in home and mobility security.

The importance of a good sponsor

Nowadays, sponsorship is much more than just a contract. Sport stands for team spirit, sacrifice, passion, discipline and dedication. Everyone who is involved in sport on a professional level needs reliable products, brands that they trust and that offer a lot of innovative products.

This is why ABUS collaborates with various professional teams to offer a provision of service and safety. The main teams that ABUS supplies to and assists with its products are the Movistar Team road cycling teams, the ABUS-Nutrixxionteam, the Kross Racing Team for mountain biking, Phoenix Suns, an NBA team and the Spanish Ultradistance champion Ziortza Villa.

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