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Electric Bikes

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Why choose electric bikes to move around the city?

Electric bikes are here to stay. The pedal assistance provided by the motor is addictive. It isn’t about laziness or riding a motorbike, it is about accessible cycling for people who don’t have a high level of physical fitness, who travel around areas with hills or they simply want to go on longer rides.

The electric bike is strengthening its presence in Spain. So, don’t hesitate to discover this new world and also use the electric bike in the city.

How does an electric bike work?


If you are thinking about buying an electric bike for the first time, you may still be unsure about how it works. The reality is that it is very simple: the bikes have the help of a motor driven by your pedalling power which deactivates when you stop pedalling. In other words: it is you that decides how much help you get.

This motor can be situated on the bottom bracket spindle or on either of the two wheels. The battery is found on the bike frame or on the luggage rack.

In the event that your bike’s motor is on the bottom bracket spindle, you will get an optimum grip since the weight of the bike (which, as you can imagine, is notably higher than traditional bikes) will be distributed better. Therefore, your riding will be more like normal. To have it on the bottom bracket, it will need a special frame but, on the other hand, in the event of repairs, you won’t have to remove any cable to remove the wheels.  

In the event of it being on the front or rear wheel hub, the weight distribution will change, generating less grip if the motor is at the front. Furthermore, the location of the motor on the front hub is compatible with all braking systems, while its location on the rear hub will not be compatible with pedal brakes.

What are the advantages of electric bikes?

With up to 1000 watts and about 45 km / h of maximum speed, electric bicycles have an engine that assists pedaling, helping us to exert the necessary force to move the bike more easily. In the handlebar we find the controls to regulate the electrical assistance, as well as an LED screen where we can check the battery level and other data such as speed or kilometers traveled.

The autonomy of electric bicycles can reach from 40 to 100 kilometers, depending on the motor voltage as well as the intensity of the energy used in our displacements, being able to reach models with autonomy of 200 km. They can be easily charged anywhere, and if the battery runs out they become a conventional bicycle.

Types of electric bikes

There are also different types of electric bikes: road, mountain, gravel, urban and even folding, which deserve a special note. It is a perfect option to go to work by bicycle without making a great physical effort and with the benefit of being able to fold the bike and store it in the office, taking up very little space.

In Santafixie we have urban models such as those of the Legnano brand or folding electric ones such as those of the Flebi or Tucano brands.

What should you bear in mind when it comes to buying an electric bike?

There are various factors when it comes to deciding which electric bike you should buy to be able to enjoy the experience of cycling with a lot less limitations. Firstly, you should think about the fact that electric bikes, although they are city bikes, usually have wider tyres due to their weight, and at the same time, it is preferable for them to have powerful brakes since they can reach a greater speed.

Another aspect to bear in mind is the battery life. Your bike’s battery will determine how you can use it: most electric city bikes have a battery life of between 50 and 80 kilometres, in a good balance between its weight and its possibilities.  Lithium batteries are the most common and they need 2 hours to charge fully. These are aspects that will affect the planning of your journeys.

If you want to use your electric bike to go to and return from work, for example, you should know that you will be able to find models of folding electric bikes, which will enable you to store them in the office or at home taking up the minimum amount of space.

Electric bike regulations

There are a series of characteristics that are set by the DGT (Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic) for electric bikes which, if you don’t meet them, will mean they are considered as mopeds, and will therefore require a driving license for their use, as well as being registered.  For this reason, you should look carefully if you want to save yourself a fright.

Bikes should use the self-propelled system, which gives them a limit of 25km/h. Your bike must not exceed 40kg, which is not very common in electric city bikes whose motors cannot exceed 250 watt power.

Advantages of buying on Santafixie

If the price of electric bikes might be an obstacle for you, in our store we offer options of electric bikes on finance. Among the electric bikes we have at Santafixie, there are many specialist and renowned manufacturers from Barcelona in our catalogue such as Tucano Bikes, and Spinta, which will give you an unquestionable quality.