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What Electric Folding Bike Should You Buy to Cycle in Town

Electric folding bikes are the perfect way to take your bike everywhere. Online electric-bike sales have increasingly skyrocketed since some years ago. What was once a rare sight around town is becoming more and more ubiquitous. The ideal means of transport to move around town, commute or simply go for a leisurely ride.

Hay muchos modelos de bicicletas eléctricas urbanas plegables, en nuestra tienda online Santafixie podrás comprar las mejores bicis eléctricas plegables que se ajusten mejor a tus necesidades.

There are many different models of electric, folding urban bikes. At Santafixie, you can buy the best electric folding bikes, and find the one that best suits your needs.

Advantages of folding electric bicycles

Folding bikes’ main advantage is that they can be stored really easily. Thanks to being foldable, they take up a very small room, and can be stored and carried wherever you go.

Another perk about this kind of bikes is that they come equipped with an electric motor that helps especially those cyclists in a worse physical condition, in order that they can cycle and mode around without so much effort. Electric folding bikes have an electric motor that only works when the cyclist is pedaling, in what is called assisted pedaling.

They can be easily charged at many points around the city, and if the battery discharges, they become standard bicycles.

What you should take into account before buying a folding electric bike

One of the aspects you must take into account when buying a folding electric bike is what use you intend to give it. One of the most important reasons to buy an electric folding bike is that it’s very easy to transport and store. Check the folded size before you buy it, so that it adapts to the room you have.

It’s also worth considering how heavy the bike will be. Think if you will use it frequently, if you will take it with you in the public transport, if you will have to carry it upstairs often...

Finally, consider the battery autonomy. Most folding electric bikes have an autonomy of 50-80 Km. They normally come with lithium batteries that can be charged in about 2 hours. These are some of the aspects you must take into account when buying a folding electric bike.

Electric bike legislation

Many coutries’ traffic authorities have implemented specific legislations that must be considered when buying a folding electric bike. In Spain, in order for an electric bike to circulate, it must be equipped with an assisting electric motor activated through pedaling.

According to the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic, in order for a bike to be considered electric, it must meet the following criteria: having two wheels, being equipped with an electric motor, getting to a top speed of 25 Km/h and that the motor be activated through pedaling.

Perks of buying at Santafixie

At Santafixie, you will find a wide range of folding electric bikes at the most affordable price. In our catalogue, you will find specialised manufacturers of folding electric bikes, such as Barcelona-based Spinta and Tucano Bkes.

If prices at our e-commerce can be a burden, know that you can buy folding electric bikes and pay them in installments. You can choose the model that best suits your needs, without having to worry about the price.