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Which handlebar bag to buy for my bike?

The bike handlebar bag is a practical accessory, both for bikepacking and for your single day routes. This type of bags are very convenient, as they are placed on the front of your bike.

There are different types and sizes that adapt to each specific use according to the itinerary and personal preferences and to the different types of handlebars. Their function is to store food, tools or clothes safely.

In addition, their strategic location on the front of the unit and their easy accessibility make them easy to reach.

What size handlebar bag should I choose?

There are two main varieties of handlebar bike bags:

  • Roll-up. They are rolled over the handlebars and their size is smaller.
  • Harness. The bag is attached to the handlebars by means of a system of straps with Velcro, clips or compression straps.

The starting point when choosing them is the size of your handlebars. Keep in mind that this is a key component for controlling the bike. Therefore, you must be able to handle it comfortably and reliably.

The harness ones are used to carry the sleeping bag, the mat and, sometimes, the tent if it is not too big. They are also usually used for the map holder, gloves, raincoat, etc. The outer pockets, which are easy to access, hold objects of immediate use. This is also common in roll bags.

A popular standard size is 32 x 16 x 11 cm (length x height x width). This elongated format is well adapted to the structure of the main handlebars. A more compact and smaller 21 x 12 x 17 cm is also a good alternative. Its design is ideal for carrying the basics: cell phone, map, energy bars, etc.

In terms of volume, those of 2 or 3 liters are usual, although there are also those with 10 and up to 20 liters of capacity and, among the smallest ones, you can find those of 1 liter.

How do I attach handlebar bags to my bicycle?

The anchoring systems of these bags have evolved a lot. In general, current models include two parts:

  • The bag itself, usually watertight and waterproof.
  • Fastening and anchoring systems.

Each model has its own fitting resources. Choose a model that is compatible with your bike. Remember that it must not hinder you when riding or unbalance your stability or that of the vehicle.

In general, the larger ones are usually equipped with straps, Velcro fasteners, harnesses and metal anchors. They should always be positioned over the fixed areas of the handlebars, leaving room for maneuvering the brakes without affecting the proper functioning. The more advanced ones have quick-release, clip-type fasteners.

As for the roll ones, they roll up on themselves once hooked to the structure. A Velcro system ensures their stability.

Best handlebar bag brands at Santafixie

When buying a handlebar bag for your bike, you need to choose a quality product that fits your needs. The priority is that it meets your capacity needs, that it is robust and that it stays firmly in place. A bag that is independent of the harness is usually an advantage, as it is quicker and more convenient to remove, without having to disassemble the entire anchoring system...

At Santafixie we have put together a great selection of these bike bags. And, for this, we have resorted to the best specialized firms in the sector. Therefore, you have at your fingertips a wide variety of options from the most valued brands in the market.


Since its founding in 1982, this German company has focused on the production of backpacks and panniers for bicycles. Ortlieb is one of the leading companies in the sector, so it always offers innovative, high quality and sustainable products. They are the best if you are an expert cyclist.


The PRO brand has a solvent and attractive assortment for moving belongings by bicycle. It is a firm that stands out for the good finishes, the ergonomic approach of its creations and the variety of formats. If you are looking for a remarkable value for money, it will convince you.


Restrap was born in Leeds and maintains its own workshop in England, where it manufactures its products by hand. This is its main quality and, despite this, its products are marketed at an affordable price. Their waterproof bags are thoroughly tested and are recommended for their excellent seal. If you move in humid or rainy environments, you will be enthusiastic about them.


We end this brief tour with one of the most recognized firms worldwide for its innovation and technological development. Of American origin and with three decades of activity, Topeak is aimed at demanding cyclists who value excellence and a job well done.

As you can see, buying a bike handlebar bag is a serious thing that can change your relationship with cycling - check out our entire selection of products!