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Double Pannier Bags

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Double Pannier Bags

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Which dual panniers to buy for my bike?

The double saddlebags are those that are placed on the sides of the rack of the bicycle and can be placed on the front or rear wheel. Their main advantage is their large storage capacity so that you can carry whatever you need on your bike trips. For your purchase to be the most suitable, you should take into account some factors that can help you when choosing the most suitable saddlebags for you.

When choosing bike panniers, it is essential to review such essential features as the following:

  • Its impermeability

If you want to safely protect the contents of your saddlebags, they should be lined with a waterproof material. They should also be watertight to prevent water from seeping in. Remember that we are all exposed to rain, water left over from cleaning the roads we ride on and waterproofing will extend the life of our saddlebags, and above all will keep our belongings dry. The option of buying a cover to put it on and take it off, depending on each situation, ends up being more cumbersome and less practical.

  • Its coupling system

This is one of the key points of the product. An unreliable system will cause the saddlebag to move and may end up falling out. It is best to rely on a mechanical locking clip or other options, such as Velcro, straps or a hanger-type attachment. In all cases, you should check the strength of the manufacturing material to avoid problems.

  • The compartments

A saddlebag is a large bag in which you put your personal belongings. If it is not properly compartmentalized, every time you open it you will find your luggage in a mess. Therefore, it is best to choose a model with compartments on the inside and outside. The more pockets it has, the easier it will be to organize your cargo.

  • Your portability

As this is a product that will be used for travel, it would be appropriate to select a type of saddlebag that is easily removable from the bike and then suitable for carrying up to a hotel room or hostel. There are models that include a strap so you can carry your saddlebags slung over your shoulder. This will save you time and comfort.

  • The price

Everything will depend on your budget, but there are alternatives for all options. We do advise you to check very well that the price is for the two saddlebags and not per unit. You will get a better idea of how much you are going to spend.

What size of double saddlebag should I choose?

The double saddlebag should be in accordance with the type of ride you want to do. That is to say, there is a standard size for city trips and more variety for when you are going to travel several kilometers or make a route. In the latter case, you should consider:

  • How long the trip will last. The more days, the more capacity your saddlebags should have.
  • The type of climate. If you are traveling in areas that are too cold, you will need more luggage and space.
  • Self-sufficiency. The bigger it is, the more luggage and capacity.

In these cases, the minimum capacity should be 30 liters. To move around the city, 20 liters is enough.

How to install saddlebags on my bike?

It all depends on the attachment system. Typically, saddlebags include a clip, a hanger or a clamp, which you must connect to each side axle. This fastener is usually located on the back of the saddlebag.

In addition, to secure the load, you will have to pass the closing strap of the upper part through the rear tray. We recommend that you check that the saddlebags are securely fastened before setting off. Then add the load in an orderly fashion, balancing the weight between the two saddlebags. Do not forget that this element offers air resistance and the distribution of your belongings between the two saddlebags will allow you to move more easily.

Best brands of saddlebags at Santafixie

In our store it is very easy to buy bike saddlebags. We highlight alternatives such as individual saddlebags with a capacity of between 8 and 20 liters and lined with waterproof material. You will find them in different colors and shapes so that you can combine usability and design.

We rely on prestigious manufacturers such as Ortlieb, Urban Proof or Brooks. In all cases, you will be able to find references specially designed for the most demanding. It's up to you to choose double saddlebags for your bike. Surely now you know better what they are and what are the many advantages of installing them. They will convince you of their undoubted usefulness. If you have any doubts, ask us!