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The website, herein after website, uses technology called “cookies” in order to collect information on how the site is used and to operate the online shop.

Cookies are small devices that store and recover data and are installed on your computer for the aforementioned purposes. Our cookies will never deal with personal data or infringe on your privacy.

On their own, cookies can’t identify a person as they don’t contain or refer to any personal information, nor can they execute code or contain viruses. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but they can also be configured to block them. In these cases, the user will be able to visit the site but in order to purchase items through the Santafixie Group S.L. online shops, their browser must accept “session cookies”, which are only valid for the time the user remains in the shop and are deleted once the browser is closed.


By using this website, you are consenting and agreeing to allow us to store cookies on your computer or device, for the purposes explained herein.

If you decide not to accept our cookies, you can continue using our site as normal, although it is possible that this may be slightly detrimental to your user experience.

Type of cookies and purpose

Following is a list of the type of cookies Santafixie Group S.L. uses on its website, as well as their purpose and any third-party cookies (service provider):

  1. User cookies : the purpose is to remember the contents of the user’s shopping bag, login data, etc.
  2. Interface-personalisation cookies: to remember the user’s currency and delivery country, to remember whether or not the user is subscribed to the newsletter.
  3. Analysis cookies: to analyse and measure user browsing. The applications we use to obtain browsing information, measure and analyse our audience are:

Deleting Cookies

Your browser, at times, may generate an instant message that will give you the option to block these cookies. If your browser doesn’t give you this option automatically, you can block cookies by following your browser’s instructions. 

To allow, view, block or delete cookies installed on your computer, go to the configurations option on your computer’s browser.

More information on how to do this is available on the following sites:

Changes to Cookie Policy

Santafixie Group S.L. reserves the right to modify the cookie policy at any time, so we ask you please check this page periodically for any changes that may be introduced.


You can contact us by e-mail at hello [at] santafixie [dot] com for any cookie-related questions.