Closca Bottle White


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Details Closca Bottle White

  • A light design, with a wide and rounded mouth.
  • Elastic flap (26mm-40mm) that allows you to hook it wherever you want.
  • Anti-drip system.
  • Double opening.
  • Quantity: 420ml-14'2oz.
  • Weight: 480g.
  • Dimensions: 105x230x80mm.
  • Material - Borosiicate glass, Silicone, PA y PP. BPA FREE.
  • Its design, innovation and excellent selection of materials have made the Closca drum win the prestigious RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2018.


Stop using plastic bottles and reduce your carbon footprint using Closca Bottle. Comfortable and portable, it is made of borosiicate glass, one of the toughest on the market, 100% BPA free, without the risk to health or the environment. In addition, the core of the bottle is coated with a very flexible silicone cover that, in addition, is designed to fit on bicycles, carts and even in the bag.

Its double opening system facilitates its cleaning and, in addition, allows elements such as ice cubes or lemon slices to be introduced, for example. It allows to place an accessory for infusions.

About Closca

Closca is a novel company committed to providing urban cyclists with style and innovation. They are dedicated to making your trips easier and more comfortable without putting your style at risk. Closca was born to add a touch of design, style and good taste to both its customers and the cities where they live. They focus on people who appreciate beauty, do not feel intimidated by change and feel the inevitable need to transform things.

They believe in bicycles, not only as the best means of transport for cities, but also as the most beautiful and pure. Its goal is to encourage as many people as possible to adapt a stylish approach to the two wheelers.

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