WIN18 Fixie Front Wheel - Black

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Details WIN18 Fixie Front Wheel - Black

  • 12-622 (700).
  • Weight: 1,30 kgs.
  • 30mm DEEP DISH sleeved and pinned rim.
  • Spacing: 100mm frt, 120mm rear.
  • Non machined sidewall.


The WIN18 Fixie Front Wheel in black is a top-quality cycling accessory, perfect for riders who appreciate both style and performance. This wheel is designed to be a front wheel on a fixed-gear or single-speed bike, and is compatible with a variety of tire sizes, including 12-622 (700). It weighs just 1.30 kgs, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

One of the primary features of this wheel is its 30mm deep dish sleeved and pinned rim. This rim adds to the wheel's strength and durability, making it ideal for riders who need a wheel that can handle plenty of wear and tear. The spacing of the wheel is 100mm in the front and 120mm in the rear, making it easy to install and compatible with a variety of bikes.

This WIN18 Fixie Front Wheel is designed with a non-machined sidewall, which provides a sleek, stylish look that is perfect for riders who value aesthetics as much as performance. Whether you're a serious rider or just looking for an upgrade for your bike, this wheel is perfect for those who want both quality and style.

You can mount 23, 25 or 28 tires and will need a 48mm-valve inner tube. And it is crucial you mount a rim strip between the tire and the inner tube to reduce or prevent punctures.

About Weinmann

Weinmann, an attractive brand born in Switzerland, has over the years become a great world brand specialising first in the manufacture of aluminium brakes and later of bicycle rims. It was founded in 1933 and during its evolution it has made important changes in its logistics and in the manufacture of its products. In its beginnings it was a brand dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of bicycle brake parts, and over the years it has specialised in the manufacture of wheels and spare components.

It is a brand that stands out for having a wide catalogue of wheels for bicycles with different diameters and for different modalities at a really competitive price.

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