10 anniversary

Santafixie is 10 years old. 10 years of learning, growth and consolidation. 10 years of tears, smiles and laughter. 10 years of framesets, components and accessories. 10 years of fixies. We're single-speed, and still rolling.

Our goal for the next 10 years is simple: to grow so that we can continue to fill cities with bicycles and thus make them more friendly for the people who live there and the environment that surrounds us.

We have achieved all this little by little, yet without stopping. Going singlespeed without brakes.

Will you be with us for ten more years?

10 anniversary 10 anniversary
10 anniversary

10th anniversary edition products

To commemorate these first 10 years we have designed a series of exclusive and very limited-edition products that we will be unveiling throughout 2021.



This limited-edition Ass Saver is one of them. As functional as any other Ass Saver, this one is special. It's meant to save your ass from the water, mud and dirt that accumulates on the streets you ride on and also commemorate the fact that we've been around for 10 years. Easy to stow in your backpack and install on the back of your saddle, it will be there when you need it, just like us. We'll be with you if you'll be with us for at least another ten years.


The T-shirt commemorating our first 10 years is a unique T-shirt. Made of ACTIVE-DRY fabric, it is suitable for everything. It's urban for everyday wear, going to a concert, to work or out for a drink. It's sporty, for cycling or for a game with your mates. Wear it whenever you want.

Inspired by football team shirts, its design is a statement of intent: if you wear it, you're part of our team, the Santafixie team.