Pepita Tobago


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Features Pepita Tobago

Front and rear brake included Front and rear brake included
Flip-Flop Rear Wheel Flip-Flop Rear Wheel

Details Pepita Tobago

  • Cuadro y Horquilla: Acero de 1 1/8″ soldadura TIG.
  • Plato y Bielas: 170 mm. 44D.
  • Pedales: Crown de aleación con reflectores.
  • Cadena: KMC.
  • Bujes: Aluminio, sellado, flip flop.
  • Ruedas: Rueda aluminio perfil bajo 700C flip flop, con área de frenado.
  • Piñon: Flip flop Fijo 18D y Libre 18D.
  • Neumáticos: CST 700C x 23C (Presión recomendada: 90 P.S.L 6.3bar 630KPa)
  • Sillín: PU tacto suave, base de plastico rígido y rieles acerados.
  • Potencia: Aleación cromo, abrazadera 25, 4 mm.
  • Manillar: Doble altura, 480mm.
  • Frenos: Aleación doble pivote.
  • Peso: 11Kg (aproximados).

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About Pepita Bikes

We like bikes. After a long experience in the world of fixed bikes, we decided turn the course and create our own ones, as we like. For everyone! We design, distribute and market our fixed gear bikes and so we get a lower price. We also make a few of each model, because we want special and affordable fixed bikes. Pepitas for everyone!

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