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Details Tannus Armour Anti-puncture Protection 700x28-34C

  • Protection against punctures and side cuts
  • Rim and Snake Bite protection
  • Better grip and traction
  • Higher vibration absorption
  • Minimizes rolling resistance, the best balance between speed and protection
  • Easy installation (40 seconds)
  • Duration +7000km
  • Airther technology
  • Size: 700x28-34C
  • Recommended pressure: 25-30 PSI
  • Weight: 200gr
  • Recommended tube size: 700x20-25C
  • Inner rim width: 16-25 mm
  • Compatible with all clincher type rims
  • Downloads: Download assembly instructions.

Aither 1.1 Technology

  • Tannus tires are made of closed micro foam cells, olefin polymer. The worldwide patented material (Aither) does NOT suffer degradation over time. The compound does not suffer from cold shrinkage, heat expansion or is affected by UV rays. It can operate in a very wide range of temperatures: from - 20º to 60º.


The Tannus Armour Anti-puncture is a semi-mousse that is inserted between the inner tube and the tire of your bike, providing an additional layer of 90% protection against punctures, cuts and pinches. Armour is developed with patented Aither technology. A compound based on polymers and closed air microcells that make it very light, flexible but incredibly durable.

The Tannus Armour Anti-puncture absorbs ground vibrations very significantly increasing comfort and dissipates energy evenly in the tube. Provides an internal protective structure to the tire, this allows driving at much lower pressures without the tire becoming deformed, sluggish or difficult to master. The low air pressure provides greater grip and confidence when cornering, especially in wet and gravel conditions.

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