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Schindelhauer, an engineering brand

The distinctive invention of engineers

Schindelhauer is a young brand, with just over 12 years of history. It was in 2009 when four engineers and designers from the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg (Martinn Schellhase, Jörg Schindelhauer, Manuel Holstein and Stephan Zehren) started working on a joint project.

A prototype bicycle that did not use a chain as a drive system.Together they built a prototype bicycle in which the conventional chain system was replaced by a toothed belt, something that had never before been introduced in bicycles.

The prototype became a final product in a very short time, and in 2009, under the name Schindelhauer Bikes, the surname of one of the four founders, the first Schindelhauer bicycles were manufactured.

Beyond a transmission system

At the time, this drivetrain system was virtually unknown in cycling and Schindelhauer became the first manufacturer in the world to produce bicycle frames specially designed for use with this type of drivetrain.

Thanks to this system it is possible to discard all the disadvantages of the conventional chain system: no staining as no chain lubrication is required, no noise as friction is considerably reduced, the risk of chain breakage is considerably reduced and its performance and durability is much higher.

The belts are manufactured by Gates Carbon Drive, a reliable manufacturer with a proven track record in timing belt production.

Throughout its career Schindelhauer has been awarded various prizes such as the Eurobike Award in 2011 and the "Best of the Best" at the Red Dot Design Awards in 2014.

Schindelhauer's philosophy

Schindelhauer has always designed its bicycles in a meticulous manner, with sleek, minimalist yet useful designs for everyday use, and with great durability.

What Schindelhauer is looking for is what we at Santafixie also want for our societies, people using their bicycles on a daily basis and thus achieving more friendly, cleaner and pollution-free cities and environments.

The best of Schindelhauer can be found at Santafixie

In addition to manufacturing bicycles, Schindelhauer also manufactures a wide range of products made with the same essence and commitment that goes into its innovative drive systems.

Schindelhauer has a small catalog of merchandising that you can find on our website. Discover all the Schindelhauer cycling equipment that we have available and equip yourself with the exclusive clothing of the German brand.

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