Santafixie X Anniversary Socks


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Details Santafixie X Anniversary Socks

  • Exclusive X Anniversary Santafixie design.
  • Polyamide, lycra and Soft Air + Plus yarn.
  • Soft Air + Plus technology.
  • Length 21 cm.
  • Available in sizes S, M and L.
  • Made 100% in Barcelona.


Our Santafixie X Anniversary Socks are part of our special collection with which we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Santafixie. With only 50 pairs available, these socks are limited edition. So don't waste time and get yourself a pair of these cool garments.

This is a unisex Running sock with medium compression. Because of this the blood circulation gets stimulated constantly. This ensures a comfortable fit throughout any race.

The fabric is breathable and the lateral grids make sure moisture has a way out, which keeps the foot dry. Blisters are less likely because the sock has no seams. The heel and toe are reinforced with cotton for a more comfortable fit. During testing the socks turned out to be perfect during both training and competition. They offer optimal performance on asphalt, track and trail.

The Softair +Plus tissue transmits a natural, soft and silky touch to the body. The elastic fiber provides great comfort, freedom of movement and adaptability to the foot. It is also thermoregulative; in colder weather or low performance, it acts as thermal insulation. On the other hand, in warm weather or during high performance, the fabric acts as a refrigerator and keeps the foot at the ideal temperature for the race.

About Santafixie

Santafixie conjugates passion and effort, bikes and cities. We’re the children of an ever-changing culture – metropolitan and frenetic. We move as nomads amongst this stream, until we become explorers of the urban world. We’re fans of cities – we move in a fast and safe way and meanwhile we observe, find and explore our environment.

Bikes are the amulets that are always at our side – they’re our compasses, our horses, our companions. They’re the ideal vehicle for those who believe in the future, in cities and the power of people.

This combination – bikes and cities – was what firstly inspired We’ve been selling different models and a lot of accessories over 6 years now, which has let us meet, talk and share our experiences with city and bike enthusiasts. Contemporary explorers from over 30 countries, that made us realize that it’s time to keep growing and do our bit to build our ideal tomorrow – more bikes inside cities in order to create a better world.

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