Radius V993DG 110mm V-Brake - Silver

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Details Radius V993DG 110mm V-Brake - Silver

  • Arms forged in aluminum 110mm.
  • Valid for front or rear wheel.
  • Technology: V-Brake. Linear traction brake system.
  • Standard pads with screws. 60mm.
  • Dimensions: 20-38 mm.
  • Hardware include.
  • 90º noodle.


The Radius V993DG 110mm V-Brake in silver is a high-quality brake system designed for use on both front and rear wheels. The arms are forged in aluminum, making them lightweight and durable, and the brake system uses V-Brake technology for linear traction. This means that the brake pads are pulled directly towards the rim, providing excellent stopping power and control.

The standard pads with screws are 60mm in size, and the brake system is compatible with a range of wheel sizes, with dimensions ranging from 20-38mm. The hardware is included, making installation quick and easy, and the 90º noodle ensures that the brake cable is routed smoothly and efficiently.

Whether you're a serious cyclist or just enjoy leisurely rides, the Radius V993DG 110mm V-Brake is an excellent choice for your bike. With its lightweight construction, powerful braking performance, and easy installation, it's a must-have for any cycling enthusiast.

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