Onguard Mastiff 8020 Chain Bike Lock

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Details Onguard Mastiff 8020 Chain Bike Lock

  • Titanium reinforced hardened square link chain.
  • Integrated X2P Dual Lock Down.
  • Black robust textile sleeve protects the paint from scratches.
  • Chain sheath with velcro closures waterproof and heat.
  • Cylinder Z resistant to struggles with pick, pulls and holes with BumpBlok™ technology and automatic dust cover
  • Hardened 10-mm square chain.
  • 5 laser cut keys (1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys).
  • Dimensions: 110cm large.


The Z cylinder provides maximum protection and BumpBlock ™ technology frustrates any attempt to use a master key to open the lock. The lock system is covered in ultra hardened steel to resist against any attack.
Double bolt System offers greater resistance to attacks.

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