Merlin Nano Shield Hydrphobic Protector 200ml

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Details Merlin Nano Shield Hydrphobic Protector 200ml

  • It is a protector for fabrics and leather, based on nanotechnology.
  • It forms an invisible layer on fabrics, giving them a strong hydrophobic and oleophobic character.
  • It does not alter the visual properties of the fabrics and preserves their breathability.
  • The preparation is free of hydrocarbons and the solvent medium used is composed exclusively of alcohol. In addition, thanks to its nanotechnological composition, it is free of fluorinated compounds.
  • It can also be used to revitalize technical garments that have lost waterproof capacity and reinforce protection in seams, zippers, etc.
  • Apply to clean garment. We recommend doing a preliminary test in an inconspicuous area.
  • Spray on the garment without flooding. As a reference, the spraying time of a 40 x 40 cm. it's about 5 seconds
  • In very dark garments, an excess of applied quantity could generate a light white veil. In some fabrics, a slight frizz of the fibers can be observed when applying the product
  • Drying time: 12 minutes on cotton. (40 g/m2 - 20ºC)
  • Full cure: 24h
  • Water resistance: 8 according to Dupont method (Maximum)
  • Oil resistance: 8-B according to AATCC-118/97 standard

About Merlin

Precision, expertise and 45 years in the chemical sector endorse the production quality of Merlin products, as well as a wide range of high-performance items and innovative solutions for bicycle care.

Its aims are to work with advanced and innovative materials and the commitment to customers.

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