KMC Z8.3 8V Chain

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Details KMC Z8.3 8V Chain

  • For racing bike, city bike, trekking and hybrid.
  • Measure 1/2 "x 3/32". Width 7.1 mm.
  • 116 links.
  • Maximum speed: 8 speeds.
  • Very agile joint and smooth transmission.
  • Noise reduction system.
  • Indexed for HG Shimano Derailleurs.
  • Tensile strength of 1020 kilopondios.
  • Bushless elaboration.
  • Nickel-plated half.


The KMC Z8.3 8V Chain is a versatile and reliable option for a variety of bikes, including racing bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes, and hybrids. With a measurement of 1/2 "x 3/32" and a width of 7.1 mm, this chain features 116 links and is compatible with a maximum speed of 8 speeds.

One of the standout features of the KMC Z8.3 8V Chain is its agile joint and smooth transmission, which ensures a seamless and efficient ride. Additionally, the chain includes a noise reduction system, which helps to minimize any unwanted sounds during use.

The KMC Z8.3 8V Chain is indexed for HG Shimano Derailleurs, and boasts a tensile strength of 1020 kilopondios. It is also bushless, which means that it has been crafted without any bushings, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient design. Finally, the chain features a nickel-plated half, which adds an extra layer of durability and protection against wear and tear.

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