Hutchinson Nitro 2 Wire Tire Black

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Details Hutchinson Nitro 2 Wire Tire Black

  • Excellent economic hard wearing tire.
  • Grooved tread pattern provides more grip in all conditions.
  • Optimized compound for longevity.
  • 23-622 (700-23) / 25-622 (700-25) / 28-622 (700-28).
  • Recommended Pressure 23-622 (700-23) = 7 Bar (100 PSI)
  • Recommended Pressure 25-622 (700-25) = 6 Bar (86 PSI)
  • 33 TPI casing.
  • Colour: Black.


The Hutchinson Nitro 2 Wire Tire Black is an excellent choice for cyclists looking for an economic and hard-wearing tire. Its grooved tread pattern provides superior grip in all conditions, making it a reliable option for both wet and dry weather.

The optimized compound used in the tire's construction ensures longevity, making it a cost-effective investment for cyclists who want a tire that will last. The Hutchinson Nitro 2 Wire Tire Black is available in three sizes: 23-622 (700-23), 25-622 (700-25), and 28-622 (700-28).

The recommended pressure for the 23-622 (700-23) tire is 7 Bar (100 PSI), while the recommended pressure for the 25-622 (700-25) tire is 6 Bar (86 PSI). The tire features a 33 TPI casing and comes in a sleek black color that will complement any bike.

About Hutchinson

Hutchinson is a renowned brand in the world of cycling, with a history that dates back to its founding in 1853. Originating from France, the brand has been present in the industry for over a century and has been a pioneer in the development of high-quality tires and bicycle products.

Innovation is a fundamental pillar in Hutchinson. The brand specializes in manufacturing high-tech tires for various cycling disciplines, such as road, mountain, and gravel. Their tires are designed to provide excellent performance, grip, and durability, allowing cyclists to tackle all types of terrains and conditions with confidence.

In addition to tires, Hutchinson also offers a wide range of tubulars and accessories for bicycles, such as sealants and patches. The brand has earned the trust of both professional and amateur cyclists alike, thanks to its dedication to quality, research, and constant product development.

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