Glasses 100% Speedcoupe Soft Tact - Sagan Edition


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Details Glasses 100% Speedcoupe Soft Tact - Sagan Edition

  • Lens: Cylindrical shield for a larger view and better UV protection.
  • Design: Wrap-around design reduces the lens movement, comfortable rubber nose pads.
  • Ventilation: Lower air scoops, space between the lens and the face to reduce moisture on the lens.
  • Accessories: Comes with a hard case, microfiber cleaning bag and a replacement lens.


The Speedcoupe was designed to give you everything you need for peak performance in a compact package.

Featuring our signature 100% lens technology, your eyes will be covered for everything from complete ultraviolet filtration to blue light reduction and tints for all conditions. The dual, semi-rimless vented lenses are designed for enhanced coverage with an unobstructed view and moisture control, while the rubber nose and temple pads contribute to the overall comfort of this compact workhorse.

About 100%

100% means to give everything, hold nothing back for later. 100% is for those who leave everything on the track.100% is a North American brand specialized in motocross and off road, and since the 80's is giving its best. Its flagship products are the motocross glasses and off road gloves, noted for its bright, innovative and unsurpassed quality designs.

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