Front Light Lightrider USB


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Details Front Light Lightrider USB

  • Light Dimensions: W35 x D35 x L119 mm (main light unit excluding strap).
  • 3 separate beams of light: 1. An alert flashing forward facing beam. 2. A powerful 1 watt beam pointing down illuminating your way. 3. The unique Rider Illumination System (RIS), this beam points backwards to illuminate the rider.
  • 3 modes to choose: 1. All three beams on. 2. As in mode 1 but the road beam flashing. 3. The flashing front facing beam and the Rider Illumination System beam.
  • Batteries: rechargeable with an USB charging cable.
  • Run time: up to 20 hours in flashing mode.
  • Charge time: 10 hours.
  • Lumen: 110 lumen.
  • Bracket: included, fits standard 22 to 32 mm handlebars.
  • Easy to place, you do not need any tool.


For years cyclists have been wearing fluorescent jackets to get themselves seen in the night, depending on being illuminated by the headlights of cars. Lightrider is the only bike light in the world that illuminates the rider, as well as the road ahead, making you much more visible. The model produce three L.E.D. beams of light: a 110 Lumen split front beam, with one of them flashing forward and the other one pointing down to the road. The third beam is the unique Rider Illumination System that shines backwards to illuminate you. That beam is very directional and hidden within a hood, so it will not dazzle you and will not affect your night-vision.

Lightrider also has a battery management system that makes sure the 3 beams always operate at full power. Once the battery gets 20% flat, the main beam is automatically switch off leaving the front light beam flashing to reach home safely. This also lets you know that it is time to replace the batteries, acting as a battery indicator. This patented system is available in two versions: the 2 AA batteries and the USB version.

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