Dutch Perfect Saddle - White

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Details Dutch Perfect Saddle - White

  • Provides a relaxed riding position thanks to its large size.
  • With elastomer springs.
  • Foam and gel material.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Very comfortable and durable.
  • Dimensions: 240 x 260mm.


The Dutch Perfect Saddle in White is an excellent choice for any cyclist looking for a relaxed riding position. The large size of this saddle provides ample room for riders to sit comfortably and enjoy their ride without feeling cramped. The saddle is made with high-quality foam and gel material which ensures both comfort and durability. In addition, it features elastomer springs which adds an extra layer of cushioning and helps absorb shocks from uneven terrain.

Whether you are going on long bike rides or just commuting around town, the Dutch Perfect Saddle provides a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The saddle is designed to distribute your weight evenly, which reduces pressure points and keeps your ride smooth and pain-free. This saddle is perfect for anyone who loves to ride and wants a comfortable, high-quality saddle that will last.

With its dimensions of 240 x 260mm, the Dutch Perfect Saddle is the perfect size for most riders. Its sleek white design will also add a touch of style to any bike. Overall, the Dutch Perfect Saddle is a great investment for anyone who wants to improve their riding experience and enjoy the freedom of cycling in comfort.

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