Santafixie 30mm Coaster Brake Rear Wheel - Black


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Details Santafixie 30mm Coaster Brake Rear Wheel - Black

  • Santafixie aluminium rim.
  • 30mm profile rim.
  • Coaster Brake Gurpil Hub (Black Color).
  • Size: 13C-622 (700C).
  • Stainless spokes.
  • Sprocket 18t.
  • Spokes: 32
  • Shaft width: 110mm
  • Internal width: 13mm
  • Total weight: 2300g


This Santafixie brand Wheels is assembled by hand in our facilities. The 30mm rims are the same ones we ride on our Santafixie Raval bicycles. We have tested those wheels and the results have been excellent. They are high quality wheels but for an economic price.

The hub has coaster brake, so if you pull back the pedals the bicycle will be brake. The spokes are manufactured in Europe by the Mach1 factory.

It's size of 700c, is compatible with all the wheels of road bicycles. The tyres recommended are from size 700cx23 to size 700cx28. You will need a 48mm inner tube. And you need to mount a rim tape between the rim and the inner tube to prevent and reduce punctures..

About Santafixie

Santafixie conjugates passion and effort, bikes and cities. We’re the children of an ever-changing culture – metropolitan and frenetic. We move as nomads amongst this stream, until we become explorers of the urban world. We’re fans of cities – we move in a fast and safe way and meanwhile we observe, find and explore our environment.

Bikes are the amulets that are always at our side – they’re our compasses, our horses, our companions. They’re the ideal vehicle for those who believe in the future, in cities and the power of people.

This combination – bikes and cities – was what firstly inspired We’ve been selling different models and a lot of accessories over 6 years now, which has let us meet, talk and share our experiences with city and bike enthusiasts. Contemporary explorers from over 30 countries, that made us realize that it’s time to keep growing and do our bit to build our ideal tomorrow – more bikes inside cities in order to create a better world.

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