Mañana Salimos Book

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Details Mañana Salimos Book

  • Language: Spanish.
  • 196 pages (12 with photos).
  • Paperback.
  • First edition: July 2012.


Among the illustrious names in the history of cycling, Bobet certainly occupies a place of honor. The average amateur surely identify Louison Bobet as the first man who managed the feat of winning three consecutive Tours of France, back in the 50s; but only the most enlightened know that Louison had a brother, also a runner, and also very good: Jean Bobet.

An atypical cyclist, an authentic rare avis in the scene: Jean was (is) an intellectual-cyclist. His university graduate condition, absolutely exceptional at the time, and even today, along with his innate sensitivity, made (makes) him a privileged observer, a luxury narrator of that period known as the Golden Age of cycling. By the Jean Bobet hand the reader will tour the main venues, will live the most epic moments, will learn the most sublime and sordid stories of that rustic cycling, simple, something brutal and quite heroic, that cycling dominated by what the author calls the G4: Bobet, Coppi, Koblet and Kübler. The frère cadet of the great Louison gives us this masterpiece in an evocative and exciting story of a mythical era.

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