Inventando el Ciclismo Book


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Details Inventando el Ciclismo Book

  • Language: Spanish.
  • 166 pages.
  • First release: July 2012.
  • Publisher: Cultura Ciclista.


This is a book of cycling archeology: Discover the prehistoric foundations of sports for over a centenary. In 1891 the Paris-Brest-Paris marked one of the foundational epics, Charles Terront would become the Homo ancestor of all old and new champions. The small Parisian victory in the first edition of this event deeply shocked the French society at the time. This accomplishment earned him a whopping banquet, followed by his memoir published in 1893. Written in a naive and unpretentious way, the story fascinates the modern reader because it explains the story, from a contemporary look, and tells how the pioneers disovered (invented) the ABC of modern cycling: from the importance of sprinting well till the revolution which changed the bicyclo into the bicycle.

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