BLB Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebar 26 mm - Silver

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Details BLB Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebar 26 mm - Silver

  • Clamp diameter: 26mm.
  • Width: 39mm.
  • 77mm drop and 50 degree angle.
  • Weight: 193g.


The BLB Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebar 26 mm Silver is a high-quality handlebar designed for cyclists who want to improve their performance and style. This handlebar has a clamp diameter of 26mm, which makes it compatible with most bikes. The width of the handlebar is 39mm, providing a comfortable grip for riders of all sizes.

The BLB Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebar has a 77mm drop and a 50-degree angle, which allows for a more aerodynamic riding position. This feature is especially useful for cyclists who want to increase their speed and reduce wind resistance. The handlebar is made of durable materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

The BLB Pursuit Bullhorn Handlebar weighs only 193g, making it one of the lightest handlebars on the market. This feature is essential for cyclists who want to reduce the weight of their bike and improve their performance. The handlebar is also easy to install, and it comes with all the necessary hardware.

About BLB

The BLB brand is much more than a cycling brand. It started selling components for fixie bikes at Brick Lane, the famous London market where you could find a huge amount of products and different cultures from all over the world. Thanks to its exclusivity, BLB went further to the point of creating its own pro store.

At that time, finding fixie bikes was very complicated and required time, creativity and availability of components to manufacture them. BLB took care of all that, they offered individual customization for each of their customers to assemble their unique fixie bikes. Due to the high demand for components for these bikes, they decided to start manufacturing their own parts under the name BLB. Later, they incorporated new brands to expand the range of components they offered, and with this they created their particular Big Mama distribution channel.

Currently, BLB uses this distribution channel to offer their customers all of their products, as well as all the brands that they have available.

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  1. alexisgllt

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    A great brand and great design!

  2. juju.carpdu62

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    Very nice nice product

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