BLB Get Shorty Handlebar Grips - Hot Pink

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Details BLB Get Shorty Handlebar Grips - Hot Pink

  • Soft comfortable Kraton rubber.
  • Tapered triangle shape.
  • Small outside flange
  • Nippy and grippy
  • 132mm lengh.


The BLB Get Shorty Handlebar Grips in Hot Pink are the perfect addition to any cyclist's gear. Made from soft and comfortable Kraton rubber, these grips are designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip for your hands while cycling. The tapered triangle shape of the grips ensures that they fit comfortably in your hands, while the small outside flange provides additional support and stability.

These grips are nippy and grippy, making them ideal for cyclists who want to maintain a firm grip on their handlebars while cycling. The 132mm length of the grips ensures that they fit most handlebars, making them a versatile choice for cyclists of all levels.

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, the BLB Get Shorty Handlebar Grips in Hot Pink are a must-have accessory for your bike. With their comfortable design and secure grip, these grips will help you stay in control of your bike and enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

About BLB

The BLB brand is much more than a cycling brand. It started selling components for fixie bikes at Brick Lane, the famous London market where you could find a huge amount of products and different cultures from all over the world. Thanks to its exclusivity, BLB went further to the point of creating its own pro store.

At that time, finding fixie bikes was very complicated and required time, creativity and availability of components to manufacture them. BLB took care of all that, they offered individual customization for each of their customers to assemble their unique fixie bikes. Due to the high demand for components for these bikes, they decided to start manufacturing their own parts under the name BLB. Later, they incorporated new brands to expand the range of components they offered, and with this they created their particular Big Mama distribution channel.

Currently, BLB uses this distribution channel to offer their customers all of their products, as well as all the brands that they have available.

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