Blackburn Local Ride Kit Riding Essentials

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The Blackburn Local Ride toolkit is a very complete kit with the basic tools and accessories that you should always carry with you every time you go out on your bike. This kit will always keep you safe from any mishap you may encounter in the middle of a route, either due to a puncture or because a screw has loosened.

This great basic cycling kit includes: a waterproof bag to transport tools and your personal belongings, a small, very functional hand bag compatible with Presta and Schrader valves , two removable levers so that you can easily remove and put on the tire of your bicycle and finally, a multi-tool wrench to adjust the basic screws of your bicycle.< /p>

About Blackburn

In 1975, Jim Blackburn looked at the emerging cycling culture and realized he could make a difference. That meant thinking from the user's perspective, showing respect for materials and their functionality, while bringing unprecedented innovation. Over the years, Blackburn have taken those principles to build products that allow people to go further, do more and be prepared for anything.

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