Bicicleta Urbana Marchas Pepita Vík 7V


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Features Bicicleta Urbana Marchas Pepita Vík 7V

Front and rear brake included Front and rear brake included
Flip-Flop Rear Wheel Flip-Flop Rear Wheel

Details Bicicleta Urbana Marchas Pepita Vík 7V

  • Cuadro y Horquilla: Acero de 1 1/8″ soldadura TIG.
  • Pedales: Crown de aleación con reflectores.
  • Cadena: KMC.
  • Bujes: Aluminio, sellado.
  • Ruedas: Rueda aluminio perfil bajo 700C.
  • Engranaje: 7 velocidades.
  • Neumáticos: CST 700C x 23C (Presión recomendada: 90 P.S.L 6.3bar 630KPa)
  • Sillín: PU tacto suave, base de plastico rígido y rieles acerados.
  • Potencia: Aleación cromo, abrazadera 25, 4 mm.
  • Frenos: Aleación doble pivote.
  • Manillar: Carretera.
  • Peso: 11Kg (aproximados).
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Vík í Myrdal es una pintoresca ciudad de la costa meridional de Islandia. Destaca por su iglesia de tejado rojo y su playa volcánica de arena negra, salpicada de enormes rocas parecidas a trols.

Las siete velocidades de la Pepita Vík la hacen especialmente versátil para entornos urbanos con desnivel, y facilitan que la conducción se ajuste a las necesidades del ciclista.

About Pepita Bikes

We like bikes. After a long experience in the world of fixed bikes, we decided turn the course and create our own ones, as we like. For everyone! We design, distribute and market our fixed gear bikes and so we get a lower price. We also make a few of each model, because we want special and affordable fixed bikes. Pepitas for everyone!


This city bicycle with gears arrives around 80% assembled in a well-protected box. The most complicated is already assembled from the warehouse and the rest is very easily finished. You will have to install the front wheel, saddle and seat post, adjust the handlebars and place the pedals, though we recommend to have everything assembled by a professional.

When you take the bicycle out of the box remove all the protections and the front wheel that is attached to the frame. Then place the seat post and saddle in their corresponding place on the frame. The next part to place is the bicycle handlebars: tighten the stem screws and place the handlebars in the middle. Install the pedals on the cranks as follows: each pedal is marked with the letters L (left) and R (right) to indicate the side to be mounted. Place them slowly and carefully so as not to damage the thread of the crank arms. And finally place the front wheel in the fork dropouts and tighten the nuts.

You should have no problem with the assembly of the bicycle, it is quite straightforward. But if you are not confident in completing the assembly, we recommend that you take the bike to a nearby shop / bicycle mechanic so that a specialist can complete the assembly, and make sure you can ride the bicycle safely and assembled well for a smooth ride.

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