Ass Savers Big Mudguard - White

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Details Ass Savers Big Mudguard - White

  • Keeps your butt free from mud.
  • Easy to mount, requires no tools.
  • New patent pending FLIP-TIP™ attachment system.
  • Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails.
  • Material: Recycled PolyPropylene (PP).
  • Suitable for tire widths between 30-50 mm.


This Ass Savers Big bike mudguard, ideal to protect you from rain and mud, is specially designed for the wide tires of MTB, gravel or urban bicycles. This special model comes with a new FLIP-TIP™ locking mechanism that will keep the fender fixed in place regardless of the difficulty of the terrain. This is already the fourth generation of Ass Savers to protect cyclists from inclement weather, which has been redesigned, is stronger, longer and with more color than ever.

About Ass Savers

It was the summer of 2011 when Staffan Weigel faced another rainy day, took a piece of cardboard and put it on the back of his bike to avoid getting splashed and stains while riding his bike to work. The result was so positive that he had the idea with several friends to market a mudguard for cyclists. True to Gothenburg's humour, they called it the Ass Savers project.

They made a video explaining the function of the new mudguard and it went viral in just 24 hours. 6 months later, Staffan left his job to become a member of the new company.

Today the Ass Savers company employs 5 people and operates out of its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. More than one million Ass Savers have already been sold, and the brand that started as a joke between friends is now recognised by millions of cyclists around the world.

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