M-Wave Ahead Headset Cap and Claw - Black


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Details M-Wave Ahead Headset Cap and Claw - Black

  • Material tapa: Aluminio anodizado.
  • Tornillo de acero.
  • Incluye tapa, tornillo y araña.
  • Para potencias de 1 1/8”.
  • Logo M-Wave gravado en láser.
  • Color: Negro.


If you want to give your bike a nice touch and you like taking care of every detail, this anodized aluminium headset cap by M-Wave will be perfect for you. It is available in several colours, so that you can choose the one that suits your bike best.
This headset cap is ideal if you want to tightly attach your bike's headset, while customising it with a little bit of color.

About M-wave

M-Wave was created in 2002 by Benno Messingschlager, but his family's relationship with bicycles started a long time ago. In fact, Benno has a vast knowledge of the bike sector thanks to his family's heritage of more than 90 years in the bicycle business. With all that experience and years of seeing trends coming and going, Benno realized that there are two conditions that always remain: customers look for quality and they want it at a fair price. Now and a century ago. So he created M-Wave as a full service line of bicycle parts and accessories.

After years of practical use, a high standard of quality control for their products engineered and designed in Germany, M-Wave has become a brand that satisfies the most demanding cyclists. Those people who look for products with a great look, a great performance and, obviously, for a reasonable price. Their products are technically sophisticated thanks to combining quality materials with innovative solutions. They can satisfy every cyclist with the comprehensive range of components and accessories.

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